Alone Time

Sadness is okay.  It means we’re human.

Even depression is survivable as long as we continue to get up each morning and deal with the problems that face us.

There are more books on happiness and more on depression than ever before.

Why is that?

Today’s world is fast and furious.

Courtesy and civility seem as if they are not valued.  Dale Carnegie is not only turning over in his grave but spinning.

We are constantly in touch with something – anything – everything at our fingertips.

Alone time is hard to find and when we get it, a phone should not be invited.

People who walk, run, get outside with nature alone often appreciate themselves more and those around them.

Here’s where it’s good to be selfish.

Value alone time and use it not just with some form of entertainment to keep you busy but to do nothing but think, be grateful and thankful for all your problems.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I gave each of my Dale Carnegie students a card to list their three biggest problems anonymously, after trading cards they wanted their own problems back.

We may not love everything about our lives, but it is our life.

Getting in touch with yourself without distractions even in our busy connected world really helps to keep things in perspective.

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