Accomplish More by Doing Less

Our obsession with getting things done comes down to this.

What are the 3 most important things you need to do to call today a success?

We tend to work on the easier tasks, the ones that can be completed faster than the most important.

Spend all your focus on these 3 things and nothing else.

In fact you’ll wind up doing more than 3 things but the critical ones will be handled.

1.  Identify the 3 critical things that will make you more productive today.

2.  Do nothing else until those 3 things are completed.

3.  If one of the big 3 turns out to be a multi-step, multi-day project, identify the next most important start step and tackle it.

4. Avoid the black hole of productivity.  Resist the temptation to knock off a few easier things because they are, well – easier.

5. You will find yourself being more productive with time left to fill in with smaller, less critical tasks but rest assured that these leader tasks will not interfere with your ability to accomplish goals.

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