7 Things to Let Go

  1. Guilt– Deal with negative feelings because you don’t need to be your own worst enemy.
  2. The Past– Put it in a file cabinet or folder.  Refer back to learn from it.  There can be no happy future when we dwell in the past.
  3. Social Media – It is the attention black hole that is now being recognized as an impediment to living life happily in real time.  Wean off social media by replacing time spent in the black hole with face time.
  4. Jealousy – It kills relationships and hijacks our best qualities.
  5. Running Yourself Down– For every negative that you hear or repeat about yourself, balance it with one (or more) positives.
  6. Pleasing Others– It’s impossible to please everyone or even someone.  Become proficient at creating your own narrative without regard to how others interpret it.
  7. Controlling– The sure way to unhappiness is to try to change another person.

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