4 Deadly Words & One Truly Empowering Word





These words are killers of relationships, conversations, collaborations, trust and love.

They are egocentric and have nothing to do with another human being.

I overhead the word I so many times on the beach recently that I felt sorry for the other person suffering through this monologue.

I read recently of a new trend toward marrying yourself – sologamy.

It’s not legal and not binding but some people are so egocentric that they have no interest in a union with another person.  Self-focus robs us of rich friendships.

Most of us feel great when we are part of a community.

When we forge relationships of all kinds with others.


That’s the word that unlocks relationships.

Your interests.

Your feelings.

Your experiences.

Your knowledge.

Let others use self-talk while you talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

What makes you empowered is never about self but always how you get others to talk about themselves.

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